Some unique Odia wedding Rituals

The rituals in Indian weddings vary region to region, culture to culture. Here are some unique traditions of Odia wedding.

Invitation to Lord Jagannatha –

For an Odia Lord Jagannatha is not only his Lord, but also his family member, the grand ancestor of the house. So the first wedding invitation is to be sent to Puri, Jagannatha temple.

Even if anyone can’t come, they would ask some relatives or some known priests in Puri to invite Jagannatha Swami, and bless them for the wedding.

After that only other invitation cards can be sent.


The priest would take a brass kumbha( urn) and put a betel leaf on that. Then ask the groom to put his right hand upwards on that. Then the bride would put her right hand on groom’s hand as shown in the picture. The priest then would bind an auspicious thread or kusha ( a sacred grass used in puja) and cite chants to specify that henceforth, the groom took the bride’s hand as his lifelong companion and would stand by her for every good and bad time.

Well after that comes the funny part. The hastaganthi can’t be opened by the priest. Only younger sister/ cousin of the bride can do that. In order to open it, she demands some precious gift from the groom.

In older times when there was no phone or any prewedding contact, this was hilarious to watch the Shali( that’s what the sister of wife is called) of the groom would demand anything she wants on the mandap itself. It would put the groom in really awkward position. Now a days the would be grooms are fixing this gift way before wedding after shortlisting demands of their Shali. 🙂

Dahi Pakhala –

Pakhala is a rooted custom of Odia culture. Marriages do have its part too. The bride and groom generally keep fasting until the marriage rituals are done. After the rituals, before they leave to the grooms, they get freshened up and the mother of the bride prepares Dahi pakhala( curd mixed water rice) with other delicacies for the groom to eat.

The bride then doesn’t eat, rather changes her saree and all. She would eat the same dahi pakhala after reaching her inlaw’s where the mother of the groom has prepared the same for her daughter in law.

This is kind of an alternative system to lighten the relations among the mothers of the couple with each other’s children. 🙂

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Which are the sweetest traditions in an Indian wedding?

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Reservation in India

At one hand we talk about development and at another hand we keep increasing the reservation irrespective of its background . Being a part general category, I should be happy,

but I am not.

Reason –

  • Why can’t as a bold move, any political party has not tried to abolish reservation, instead of adding it layer by layer.
  • It will rise to another fiasco where one will try to prove that they are poor, irrespective of their background. Remember BPL scheme, where even millioners used to get one card for them to get free ration. This will be another such mundane.
  • The criteria is faulty. You know one can have five acre of land and still be poor, as in remote areas such lands are worth very less or they maynot be worth cultivation.
  • If it would be able to change the Constitution and be applied then there are only 40% of seats left in competitive exams and employment related jobs. Will it not be a joke in name of competition? Why the hell would any unreserved person want to waste his time to fight for that left 40%.
  • This will not create a positive impact on youth on future.
  • This will create another division among general category people itself. At twenty first century do we have shortage of discrimination that we are adding new ones.
  • This will rise brain drain rate at higher scale. I mean those who are talented but couldn’t get a seat because 60% is already reserved here, would prefer to go out and utlilize their capability for their own betterment.

There are hundreds of such reason which completely dominate the few postive aspcects and sentiments.

I know for many this is a good news. But even if it helps them when we think about long-term solution, this is not what we want for our future.

We as citizens of India should want “ No Reservation” at any level. We don’t want chunk of reservation at every field for everyone so that our future keeps getting weak and dependent further.

This is now popular and attaining very good publicity, but it’s another regressive step for the future of India at global level.

Like waving loans to farmer is not a long term solution, this giving reservation to general category people is also not a solution.

#Say No To Reservation.

P.S. – This is my personal opinion. Please don’t include party politics here.

I praise the government for its good steps . And this is not a good step as per my opinon.

सच्चे संत की पहचान

क्यों हमें किसी गुरु या संत की आवश्यकता है जबकि हम खुद अपना गुरु बन सकते हैं? क्या सही में हमें उस दलदल में पड़ने की जरूरत है कि ये संत है कि ढोंगी। की इनके पास जाइए, आपका बच्चा होगा। की इनके शिष्य बनिए आपका कल्याण होगा। क्या यही हमारी उद्देश्य है, किसके शिष्य बनना और उनका प्रचार करना? तो क्या फर्क रहगाया हममें और उन ईसाई प्रचारकों में जिन्हें हम अच्छे नजर से नहीं देखते। सही संत की पहचान करना बहुत मुश्किल है आजकल इन ढोंगियों के भीड़ में।

तो खुद के अंदर के संत को जागरूक कीजिए। आत्मज्ञान या ईश्वर को जानने केलिए आत्म चिंतन, मनन ही काफी है।

हमें कोई दूसरी संत या माध्यम की जरूरत ही नहीं होगी । अपनी चिंतन से आंख( अन्तर्दृष्टि) जब खुल जाएगा अपने आप ढोंगी बाबा आपको आकृष्ट नहीं करेंगे और आप सच्चे संत को देख कर ही पहचान लेंगे। इसमें और कोई कौशल या उपाय नहीं ।

नहीं समझ में आया?

तो चलिए यह कहानी सुनिए जो हम बचपन में चंदामामा या कहीं और पढ़े थे।

एक बार एक साधु बहुत दिन तपस्या करने के बाद स्वयं भगवान उनके सामने प्रकट हुए और बर मांगने पूछे। साधु जब तपस्या शुरू किए थे, तब उनके अंदर कोई प्रत्याशा नहीं थी। तो वो बोले “भगवान, हम तो कुछ सोचे ही नहीं। बस आपको प्रसन्न करने तपस्या में बैठ गए।”

भगवान साधु को बोले की छे महीने बाद वो फिर प्रकट होंगे तो तब साधु सोच कर मांग सकते हैं। इस बीच में साधु के शिष्य लॉग आपस में बात करने लगे कि उनके गुरुजी कितने महान है जो बरदान मिलने पर भी कुछ नहीं मांगे। यह सुनकर साधु महाराज भी खुदको दुनिया में सर्वश्रेष्ठ संयमी मानने लगे। छे महीने बाद जब भगवान प्रकट हुए तो उन्होंने उसने इस बात का ज़िक्र किया। भगवान मुस्कुराए और बोले, आप जाकर कोशल में रहने वाले “ रामदास” जी से मिलिए।

फिर साधु निकल पड़े रामदास जी से मिलने। वहां पहुंच कर देखे उनके पत्नी बाहर कपड़ा सी रहे थे। साधु पीछे रामदास जी कहां है। उनके पत्नी बोले “वो बाहर गए है।आप इंतज़ार कीजिए वो आजाएंगे।”

साधु को पहले से ही वो गृहस्थ होने पर उनके संयमी होनेपर शक हुआ था। अभी उनके पत्नी का साधुजी के प्रति आनुगत्य न दिखाना भी उन्हें अपमान दिया। फिर भी वो इंतज़ार किए। दोपहर में एक कृषक हल लेकर खेत से आए। वहीं रामदास थे। उन्होंने साधु जी को आदर सत्कार किया और भोजन पर बुलाया। तब तक मन ही मन साधु विचलित थे कि यह सांसारिक इनसान जो कि इतनी साधारण है वो कैसे भगवान के नजर में दुनिया में सबसे संयमी होस्कता है।

खाने पर बैठे तो खाना ठंडा था। साधु जी बोले रामदास खाना तो गरम नहीं है। रामदास जी बोले आप चिंता न करें में पंखा करता हूं। फिर वे पंखा किए और खाना अपने आप गरम होगया। आश्चर्य में डूबे हुए साधु चुपचाप खाना खाए और हात धोने कुएं के पास गए तो देखे रस्सी के साथ पात्र भी लटका हुआ है कुएं के मुंह पर। नीचे गिर नहीं रहा है। साधु अब खुदको और नहीं रोक पाए और रामदास जी से इन सब का ज़िक्र किए।

रामदास जी हस्कर बोले “ साधु जी हमे दश साल पहले सिद्धि प्राप्त हुई। लेकिन हम अपना दायित्व नहीं भूले। तो अपना कर्तव्य करते है, कर्म करते हैं ईश्वर मान कर। फिर जितना वक्त मिले चिंतन करते हैं। यही हमारी तपस्या है।”

साधु जी को समझ आ गया कि संसार से दूर रहकर संयम कर लेना कोई बड़ी बात नहीं। संसार पर अपना दायित्व निभा कर, तथा उसके साथ में आपना संयम बना रख, खुदके चित शुद्ध रखने को संयम कहा जाता है।

साधु महाराज वहीं पर अपना अहं त्याग दिए और रामदास जी के शिष्य बन गए।

शायद अभी ऊपर कहीं हुई बात साफ समझ में आया होगा।

तो आपने आप को प्रेरणा दीजिए और खुद का रास्ता खुद चुनें। माध्यम क्यों चाहिए?

Feminism in India is dying

Feminism has reached in such a state that it is being mocked all over the world. True feminists are almost extinct and in name of feminists we mostly have bunch of #Me Too campaigners as well as some actresses and some so called comedians.

In a similar way Indian feminism also lacks ideal feminists in number at present. There are some sophisticated so called feminist who would fight over their right to show their bra- straps in public in name of “ My dress, my choice.” At the same time they would mock village women, who don’t use bra for cupping their breasts. Our feminists would teach them to use a bra is part of modernization and female right.

They would go to swimming pool wearing bikini and if anyone stares they would call them sociopath. At the same time they would raise their eyebrows if they ever see in village ponds women are taking bath covering their whole body with saree. They would mark it disgusting and write about it on their feministic posts that how women in rural India are unaware of civilized manners.

Tell me one thing, how many business women or professionally successful women are coming forward now a days as a true feminist who would fight for equal right, but not for privileges. Time has come that, feminists have started thinking that female privilege is a part of equal right.

And don’t let me start with the dual faced feminist celebrities who keep shouting against everyone they had a relationship with in past, calling them harassers, while when it comes to their own father, brother or husband they are all twisting their tongue about how unfair the social paradox is. It’s people like them, who are making feminism a butt of joke.

But does that mean India doesn’t require feminism? No, not at all…

India is one of the most needy places where female do need protection and rights against malnutrition to sexual abuses. Feminist movement at grassroot level where women don’t get to eat or eat only the left overs, women who don’t get proper medication and die while childbirth, women who get tortured for dowry or any other reason are much needed, women who would stay in a dead marriage just because Indian society has no better place for a divorced women. But do those areas get our page 3 feminists attention? I am sure no.

I am excluding few pre social services before any beauty pegeant, done by models just to add charity to their profile. I am here talking about real women related issue. The issues which would take a feminist to put forward like Nadia Murad . Before getting Nobel prize she was a sex slave and sustained hell. Now she is spreading awareness and helping such women to resist and revive their lives. That’s a true feminist. Can people mock at her and her work or her speech? I don’t think so.

But if bunch of female comedians state slang on social media as symbol of their feminist “ privilege”, who wouldn’t mock them. And sadly that how Indian feminazzis are shitting on every feminist principle ever made. They have turned it into a offensive word. Like people would hesitate to talk to you if you say that you are a feminist. They would mock like “ Ohh! You too.”

Some weirdos has turned feminism into an element of mock and now others are bearing the mockery.

And that’s why feminism in India has become directionless and mostly misguided.

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The Gender Equality is a Myth in India

Is gender equality a myth in India? Many would argue that no. Our Constitution in fact provides the gender equality as much as possible. But I am not talking about what the laws are or what it should be. I am presenting here real life, real cases of gender inequality in India. We have to remember that gender inequality affects both men and women and not only women.


Go to an average household of India. It would be better if they are your known people. Ask the woman of the house around three thousand rupees for help. She will at first say that She must ask her husband, even if she has the money.

Ask the same to the man of the house. He will either give you the money or refuse you, but he will not ask his wife about that.


A girl is walking on the road in India. A boy’s hand mistakenly touches her shoulder. Suddenly she would start screaming and accusing the boy for mistreatment. The people around them without having a second thought would start beating the boy black and blue.


Siya married to Hari in an arranged marriage. After three years Siya got pregnant. Against her wishes her in-laws forced her to abort the child as it was a girl.

Two years later Siya gave birth to a son. The family is nurturing their child like a prince.


A girl got raped. The law could not punish the rapists due to lack of evidence. The society couldn’t accept the rape victim as her purity is gone in hands of morons.

She committed suicide( This happend in Odisha in recent).


There are lots of such incidents that define how horrible is our gender inequality. The gender related laws in India are always biased to either of the gender. Either they favour men or they favour women , but never balance up.

For example- There is maternity leave for women in India. But if a man wants to take paternal leave, he will be toyed among all. Because we still consider that in parenting sperm is the only thing men give.

Now tell me “Is gender equality a myth in India?”

It’s a social hallucination that Indians are living. Irrespective of our gender, we have been facing gender inequalities since childhood. Laws won’t work if our mind and prejudices won’t change.

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The Curious cases of V. Mallya and N. Modi.

Why can’t India bring back absconding economic frauds like Vijay Mallya or Nirav Modi to India? What is stopping the Indian government from doing so? I know if it were easy, they would have done it by now.

Extradition is a tiresome and codependent process, where foreign countries, those frauds are staying in, have to have extradition treaty signed with us.
Now what exactly do we mean by extradition? Extradition means – “To make someone return for trial to another country or state where they have been accused of doing something illegal.”
Once person is out of our country, the law and order of our country will be difficult to force upon him. Moreover if it is financial fraud, things get complicated further.
You would be surprised to know that around 31 economic offenders escaped this country just to avoid persecution.
Let’s analyse the curious cases of V. Mallya and N. Modi.

Vijay Malya- He has taken up the citizenship of England, hence Indian law and order are no longer applicable on him. It is up to the decision of British government to hand him over or not. India can only request them on the basis of their bilateral ties. At max India can go to the Interpol to have warrant issued against him. But for issuing Interpol notice, the evidences and criteria are vast.
Currently the Enforcement Directorate is seeking Interpol to raise an international arrest warrant against Mallya.

Nirav Modi- CBI( Central Bureau of Investigation) and ED(Enforcement Directorate) of India have successfully influenced Interpol to allot red notice against Nirav Modi. Red notice will prevent him from the following.

According to The Hindu newspaper “The Red Notice not only restricts a fugitive’s movement in 192 member-countries of the Interpol, but also empowers enforcement agencies in the respective foreign jurisdictions to detain the person for deportation or extradition to the requesting country.”

It’s not only us people who are tired of these lengthier process. Our government is also seeking shorter and quick fix to these economic frauds. As per recent news published in Economics Times(ET)-

The government plans to create a master list of all economic offenders in the country, according to a report in Hindustan Times. Such a list will help the investigating agency factor in the risk of a suspect fleeing the country. For instance, if CBI is probing a suspect, it would know if Enforcement Directorate had probed the suspect earlier and what were the consequences of the probe.

The government has asked all Central investigative and enforcement agencies to work together to create the list.

“The Central Economic Intelligence Bureau (CEIB) will prepare the list with inputs from agencies such as the Enforcement Directorate, CBI, the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence, capital markets regulator SEBI, the tax department and the customs department, according to the report.”
As per the report by Economic Times.

So why not yet?

Because we woke up too late; they had escaped already. Once they escaped, our hands got tied under international or foreign rules. All we can do now is to ask or tactically force other countries to hand them over to us.

You must have heard the news of how Malaysia refused to deport Zakir Naik. India can’t force Malaysia anyway to do that. The same case with all the economic frauds. Because economic frauds are not taken as serious crimes like killing or terrorising. Those fraudsters know it very well.

The real question should be-

“Why and how were those economic offenders allowed to leave this country in the first place?”

Sabarimaala Temple and the chaos around it..

Well this is not an article to argue whether or there should be law for entering women into particular temples where previously they were denied to. No I won’t discuss that here, as it’s has already been discussed, shouted out and more over Supreme court has given its statement that women can enter into Sabarimala temple. So now, there is further chows where some are still opposing the entry of women and some are trying to get into it. In this process, there was a 52 years old woman who got injured.

My question is, can’t we women wait little bit more? I mean what’s the hurry to enter into the temple? Supreme court already has given women the authority to enter into the temple. But the sentiments of many common folk can’t be changed overnight after the verdict of the apex court. So let them be acquainted with the situation at first.

More over if we practically think of the norms and the situations inside the Sabarimala temple, then it’s not a women friendly zone. The annual pilgrimage starts and it’s has its own customs. One of the main custom is to take a bath in Pamba river and then to spend the night on under open sky.


There is no toilet for women inside the temple too. If women want to go into the temple, they have to obey the rituals too. So how can the temple authorities would provide them all arrangements in such a short period of time?

Apart from all these, my main concern is, if we really want to prove our devotion to God, is going into a particular temple is the only way to do it? I don’t think so. I understand that this matter has changed its motto from devotion of women to women rights. But, but… even if we enter into Sabarimala temple, will it be the true triumph for women rights? If we look back our ancient legends in Santana drama, time to time women have proved that they need no temple or any medium for submitting their devotion to their God. Meera Bai, Shabari etc. are few names among them. So right now dragging this entry, no entry issues into at some another level, is that absolutely necessary.

In modern day clubs, they mostly won’t allow if you are single. We obey that without any complaints. There are some temples which won’t allow men to enter and women to enter into it only.

  • Kamakshya Temple, VisakahaVisak,
  • Lord Brahma Temple, Pushkar
  • Santoshi Maa Temple, everywhere in India.

And many more.

Now, what? Would men start a protest too?

We shouldn’t mix modern day gender right issues with ancient religious principles. They have their own set of claws. If we want to break them, then we have to break and modify them all. Because partiality in gender issues is another discrimination, be it for men or women.

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