The Gender Equality is a Myth in India

Is gender equality a myth in India? Many would argue that no. Our Constitution in fact provides the gender equality as much as possible. But I am not talking about what the laws are or what it should be. I am presenting here real life, real cases of gender inequality in India. We have to remember that gender inequality affects both men and women and not only women.


Go to an average household of India. It would be better if they are your known people. Ask the woman of the house around three thousand rupees for help. She will at first say that She must ask her husband, even if she has the money.

Ask the same to the man of the house. He will either give you the money or refuse you, but he will not ask his wife about that.


A girl is walking on the road in India. A boy’s hand mistakenly touches her shoulder. Suddenly she would start screaming and accusing the boy for mistreatment. The people around them without having a second thought would start beating the boy black and blue.


Siya married to Hari in an arranged marriage. After three years Siya got pregnant. Against her wishes her in-laws forced her to abort the child as it was a girl.

Two years later Siya gave birth to a son. The family is nurturing their child like a prince.


A girl got raped. The law could not punish the rapists due to lack of evidence. The society couldn’t accept the rape victim as her purity is gone in hands of morons.

She committed suicide( This happend in Odisha in recent).


There are lots of such incidents that define how horrible is our gender inequality. The gender related laws in India are always biased to either of the gender. Either they favour men or they favour women , but never balance up.

For example- There is maternity leave for women in India. But if a man wants to take paternal leave, he will be toyed among all. Because we still consider that in parenting sperm is the only thing men give.

Now tell me “Is gender equality a myth in India?”

It’s a social hallucination that Indians are living. Irrespective of our gender, we have been facing gender inequalities since childhood. Laws won’t work if our mind and prejudices won’t change.

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