Feminism in India is dying

Feminism has reached in such a state that it is being mocked all over the world. True feminists are almost extinct and in name of feminists we mostly have bunch of #Me Too campaigners as well as some actresses and some so called comedians.

In a similar way Indian feminism also lacks ideal feminists in number at present. There are some sophisticated so called feminist who would fight over their right to show their bra- straps in public in name of “ My dress, my choice.” At the same time they would mock village women, who don’t use bra for cupping their breasts. Our feminists would teach them to use a bra is part of modernization and female right.

They would go to swimming pool wearing bikini and if anyone stares they would call them sociopath. At the same time they would raise their eyebrows if they ever see in village ponds women are taking bath covering their whole body with saree. They would mark it disgusting and write about it on their feministic posts that how women in rural India are unaware of civilized manners.

Tell me one thing, how many business women or professionally successful women are coming forward now a days as a true feminist who would fight for equal right, but not for privileges. Time has come that, feminists have started thinking that female privilege is a part of equal right.

And don’t let me start with the dual faced feminist celebrities who keep shouting against everyone they had a relationship with in past, calling them harassers, while when it comes to their own father, brother or husband they are all twisting their tongue about how unfair the social paradox is. It’s people like them, who are making feminism a butt of joke.

But does that mean India doesn’t require feminism? No, not at all…

India is one of the most needy places where female do need protection and rights against malnutrition to sexual abuses. Feminist movement at grassroot level where women don’t get to eat or eat only the left overs, women who don’t get proper medication and die while childbirth, women who get tortured for dowry or any other reason are much needed, women who would stay in a dead marriage just because Indian society has no better place for a divorced women. But do those areas get our page 3 feminists attention? I am sure no.

I am excluding few pre social services before any beauty pegeant, done by models just to add charity to their profile. I am here talking about real women related issue. The issues which would take a feminist to put forward like Nadia Murad . Before getting Nobel prize she was a sex slave and sustained hell. Now she is spreading awareness and helping such women to resist and revive their lives. That’s a true feminist. Can people mock at her and her work or her speech? I don’t think so.

But if bunch of female comedians state slang on social media as symbol of their feminist “ privilege”, who wouldn’t mock them. And sadly that how Indian feminazzis are shitting on every feminist principle ever made. They have turned it into a offensive word. Like people would hesitate to talk to you if you say that you are a feminist. They would mock like “ Ohh! You too.”

Some weirdos has turned feminism into an element of mock and now others are bearing the mockery.

And that’s why feminism in India has become directionless and mostly misguided.

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