Reservation in India

At one hand we talk about development and at another hand we keep increasing the reservation irrespective of its background . Being a part general category, I should be happy,

but I am not.

Reason –

  • Why can’t as a bold move, any political party has not tried to abolish reservation, instead of adding it layer by layer.
  • It will rise to another fiasco where one will try to prove that they are poor, irrespective of their background. Remember BPL scheme, where even millioners used to get one card for them to get free ration. This will be another such mundane.
  • The criteria is faulty. You know one can have five acre of land and still be poor, as in remote areas such lands are worth very less or they maynot be worth cultivation.
  • If it would be able to change the Constitution and be applied then there are only 40% of seats left in competitive exams and employment related jobs. Will it not be a joke in name of competition? Why the hell would any unreserved person want to waste his time to fight for that left 40%.
  • This will not create a positive impact on youth on future.
  • This will create another division among general category people itself. At twenty first century do we have shortage of discrimination that we are adding new ones.
  • This will rise brain drain rate at higher scale. I mean those who are talented but couldn’t get a seat because 60% is already reserved here, would prefer to go out and utlilize their capability for their own betterment.

There are hundreds of such reason which completely dominate the few postive aspcects and sentiments.

I know for many this is a good news. But even if it helps them when we think about long-term solution, this is not what we want for our future.

We as citizens of India should want “ No Reservation” at any level. We don’t want chunk of reservation at every field for everyone so that our future keeps getting weak and dependent further.

This is now popular and attaining very good publicity, but it’s another regressive step for the future of India at global level.

Like waving loans to farmer is not a long term solution, this giving reservation to general category people is also not a solution.

#Say No To Reservation.

P.S. – This is my personal opinion. Please don’t include party politics here.

I praise the government for its good steps . And this is not a good step as per my opinon.