Sabarimaala Temple and the chaos around it..

Well this is not an article to argue whether or there should be law for entering women into particular temples where previously they were denied to. No I won’t discuss that here, as it’s has already been discussed, shouted out and more over Supreme court has given its statement that women can enter into Sabarimala temple. So now, there is further chows where some are still opposing the entry of women and some are trying to get into it. In this process, there was a 52 years old woman who got injured.

My question is, can’t we women wait little bit more? I mean what’s the hurry to enter into the temple? Supreme court already has given women the authority to enter into the temple. But the sentiments of many common folk can’t be changed overnight after the verdict of the apex court. So let them be acquainted with the situation at first.

More over if we practically think of the norms and the situations inside the Sabarimala temple, then it’s not a women friendly zone. The annual pilgrimage starts and it’s has its own customs. One of the main custom is to take a bath in Pamba river and then to spend the night on under open sky.


There is no toilet for women inside the temple too. If women want to go into the temple, they have to obey the rituals too. So how can the temple authorities would provide them all arrangements in such a short period of time?

Apart from all these, my main concern is, if we really want to prove our devotion to God, is going into a particular temple is the only way to do it? I don’t think so. I understand that this matter has changed its motto from devotion of women to women rights. But, but… even if we enter into Sabarimala temple, will it be the true triumph for women rights? If we look back our ancient legends in Santana drama, time to time women have proved that they need no temple or any medium for submitting their devotion to their God. Meera Bai, Shabari etc. are few names among them. So right now dragging this entry, no entry issues into at some another level, is that absolutely necessary.

In modern day clubs, they mostly won’t allow if you are single. We obey that without any complaints. There are some temples which won’t allow men to enter and women to enter into it only.

  • Kamakshya Temple, VisakahaVisak,
  • Lord Brahma Temple, Pushkar
  • Santoshi Maa Temple, everywhere in India.

And many more.

Now, what? Would men start a protest too?

We shouldn’t mix modern day gender right issues with ancient religious principles. They have their own set of claws. If we want to break them, then we have to break and modify them all. Because partiality in gender issues is another discrimination, be it for men or women.

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