The Media of India


The role of media in both countries is to sort out differences and communication gap between us. But they are playing the exact opposite roles. It will take me a day or more to describe how media in both the countries are gradually destroying and manipulating the little amount balance India-Pakistan have left.

For example – Take the recent election in Pakistan. Indian media has covered the election more than Pakistan media itself, telling Indians things they don’t want to know or simply don’t have any connection with. I mean literally, why the hell do Indians want to know how much wealth Mr. Imran Khan has? But our media channels are obsessed over it. They didn’t left any chance to portray him as “Taliban Khan”. I mean really?

Our upfront media even did a DNA(Daily News Analysis) on Pakistan’s general election, which basically covered everything we don’t care about Mr. Imran Khan.

Then came the next episode where Imran Khan won the election. Before he takes any oath, our media left no bar to publish articles about “What India can expect from Mr. Imran Khan as Prime Minister of Pakistan.” It literally ached my brain. I mean when can we learn that, no matter who is in the prime seat, our foreign affairs with each other will always be gloomy as it used to be. Because, every other Prime minister would want to regain the seat for next term and follow the appeasement tactics. This is valid for both the countries.

Now let’s come to the another side of the border. Yes, we are going to read about the great Pakistani media houses. I sometimes laugh the way their national media report on void. At least Indian media covers those shitty news behind cheesy words and make them sound like some intellectual debates. But Pakistan media is so transparent that they say whatever they feel like in front of camera.

Their UNO ambassador shows fake Palestine photo claiming it to be Indian Human rights issue in front of odd hundred international members from different countries all over the world. I really appreciate their guts.

During Indo-China conflict in Doklam, their upfront media broadcasted a news claiming the war had already been started and more than fifty Indian soldiers had already died against Chinese attack. This just blew our mind to hell. How can national medias be so irresponsible?

And any moment our Prime Minister Mr. Modi starts a foreign visit, it becomes their news headline researching the hidden propaganda against them. Seriously?

Media at each side play foul. Neither side is fair. But sometimes they just cross the limit.

Media is considered as the fourth pillar of democracy in India. I am sure Pakistan also has some important responsibility for its media. But playing blame game only won’t help neither side to sort out those zig-zag  complications. Generations after generation they would grow into further bitterness.

So right now the only role media are playing is to spread hatred.